Innovative Products

Legacy of Innovation

Throughout our 65 year history, Versa Designed Surfaces has maintained a steadfast commitment to sustainability and a corporate responsibility for the betterment of our products, processes, profession and people. 

Versa Designed Surfaces has been a leader in innovation of manufacturing and product development for many years.

In 2007, the company was ready to launch a post-consumer recycling process, known as Second-Look®. The marketplace was asking for recycled materials, with the carpet industry leading the way for interior products.

VDS was the ONLY company to develop the process to bring back used wallcovering from the field during renovations and repurpose the material into new wallcoverings. VDS was the first to be able to offer a take back program and worked with architectural and design firms as well as companies such as Marriott and Hilton to bring back materials.

Versa Wallcovering, as well as other brands manufactured by VDS, were the ONLY new wallcovering collections offered with post-consumer content made of old wallcoverings.

As the sustainability in the A&D community continued to evolve, other environmental issues became as important or more so than recycled content.

Indoor air quality, meeting the standard CA10350 for Low VOC, was part of the early switch from solvent inks that VDS made, being one of the first manufacturers to switch to water-based inks.

Being one of the only manufacturers who produces vinyl film from raw materials was crucial not only in Second-Look®, but also for minimizing waste in manufacturing processes.

Use of recycled post-industrial materials, as well as recycled packaging and pallets, is another way the company has cut down on waste going to landfills.

Water reduction and energy reduction remain a focus for VDS, as it applies to NSF 342 Sustainability Standard for wallcoverings. This standard is a multi-attribute standard, including the distribution channel.

As the need for materials for healthcare facilities grew for durable yet attractive products, VDS expanded product options for specifiers, introducing VersaGuard, Versa Impact, VersaShield and Duratec.

Architects and designers began demanding more transparency in products they specify for clients. In 2017, the WA Environmental Product Declarations were launched. These EPDs contribute to USGBC Leed V4, are third-party certified and recognized globally.

Health Product Declarations are available for all VDS products, all constructions.