A refined and etheric geometric tapestry that was designed with meticulous attention to detail.

The multi-finish palette consists of neutrals alongside romantic color combinations that fall over subtle shimmering metallic backdrops. Utilizing mylar as a ground choice amps up the reflective characteristics for 5 of the colorways.

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A new mid-scale geometric embossing rendered through a seamless array of threaded metallic accents.

The palette contains a wide range of saturated pigments, spanning from crisp whites to warm umbers, and a deep navy.

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Versa 15 oz. patterns available to view online!

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Versa Wallcovering’s award-winning design studio continuously develops new proprietary embossings, core classic sophisticated textures and specialty designs for corporate, healthcare, hospitality, retail and other markets.


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通过致力于在环保方面引领行业,Versa Designed Surfaces强调可持续材料,减少废物,对环境的影响等,从而为墙面装饰市场树立了生态愿景。

  • 适用于大多数II型墙面材料的《全球环境产品宣言》
  • 提供保健产品声明
  • 回收内容
  • 甲级防火等级