Versa Wall Protection is an advanced suite of flexible wall products with multiple levels of protection the specifier can choose from depending on the need and budget of the project.

Engineered to perform in high-traffic corporate, healthcare, retail and hospitality environments, all Versa Wall Protection products shield the walls from high traffic and are chemically resistant to soiling and tough stains such as mustard, grease, ink and iodine.

With beauty that is far more than skin deep, Versa Wall Protection is purpose engineered to be a functional surface that performs in the demanding environments. In a class of its own with respect to durability, they are built to withstand the stringent cleaning and disinfection protocols required to keep public areas safe.

Versa Wall Protection products are manufactured by Versa Designed Surfaces based in New Albany, Indiana. Versa Designed Surfaces creates and commercializes smart technologies that add value, style, performance and sustainability for interior surface products.

Versa Vantage

Versa Vantage is our newest selection of wall protection with evo® PVC-free technology. This innovative product provides specifiers choice in material without compromising the beauty, quality, and durability of the product.

Vantage III is superior wall protection constructed with 33 oz. olefin composite, contains 30% recycled content, and exceeds Type III performance standards. Engineered for heavy traffic spaces, it is scratch, puncture, tear and stain resistant. 

Vantage II wall protection is 20 oz. material constructed of olefin composite, contains 20% recycled content, and meets or exceeds all Type II requirements. An affordable product, Vantage II installs easily and offers scratch and stain resistance with exceptional cleanability. Available standard with Assure Surface Protection, a protective treatment for enhanced surface durability.


Versa影响, the highest level, is a one-of-a-kind surface made for the wall that performs like a floor. Its layered construction is similar to LVT flooring, with each layer providing maximum durability and resistance to impact, abrasion and stains.

  • Beautiful aesthetics with performance approaching that of rigid panels.
  • Resistant to chemicals and most common stains with proprietary wear layer.
  • Practically wear-proof, stands up to repeated scuffing and impact from carts, luggage, wheelchairs.


维萨卫队 is a Type III flexible wall surface with enhanced durability and performance against punctures, scratches and stains.

  • Tired of scuffed-up walls? Much more durable than Type II for high-traffic spaces.
  • Superior cleanability with a proprietary protective layer allowing removal of stains such as permanent markers.
  • Most stains are removable with soap and water and are bleach cleanable for healthcare facilities.


维萨·希尔德 is a Type II, 20-ounce product with superior cleanability and scratch resistance. Available in three of our top selling patterns, customization is available for any project.

  • Versa Shield is available in three standard patterns, with no minimum order, and can be customized for any project with unlimited colors and designs.
  • Versa Shield is perfect for hospitality, retail and corporate areas such as elevator lobbies or interior spaces where removing stains and black marks is important.