Dallas Healthcare System

Project Overview

VersaGuard is constructed of heavy-duty 33 oz. vinyl with a durable protective top film. Independent testing confirms that the wall surface is four times more impact resistant than Type II wallcovering. Engineered to perform in high-traffic corridors and public spaces, VersaGuard shields walls from the repeated impact of rolling traffic such as desk chairs, carts and gurneys and rigorous use in area such as cafeterias, where chairs are often pushed against the wall. It is highly resistant to soiling and tough stains such as ketchup, mustard, ink and iodine. When cleaning is needed, most stains can be removed with soap and water, but stronger bleach-based agents and rubbing alcohol also can be used, making it ideal for spaces with demanding sanitation needs.   

To test the wall protection product, the healthcare provider installed VersaGuard in a particularly problematic corridor just outside a cafeteria. The wide hallway is lined with tables and chairs that were continually pushed into the wall, causing scuff marks, dings and indentations. Repairs were costly with the constant need for spackling and repainting. On top of that, the walls were stained from condiments such as mustard and ketchup, beverages such as ice tea and soft drinks and other food spills.  

“This is a very active area where employees and visitors congregate outside the deli and often bang the chairs and tables against the wall,” said the supervisor of real estate for the system’s three hospitals and doctor’s offices. “People spill drinks and food on the wall, causing stains, and also lean against the wall, causing wear marks. It is a popular area with a lot of natural lighting, but the sunlight makes the wear and tear even more apparent.”   

The VersaGuard installation has been tested for 18 months with great success. It was installed right over the damaged walls with uneven textured paint and spackled repairs. “Everything wipes off the wall very easily now,” he continued.  “I am looking at VersaGuard for all our other areas where Type II wallcovering is just not holding up. It has been subjected to about all we can do to it, and it still looks great 18 months later.”  

VersaGuard also met the health system’s environmental criteria as it is made with award-winning Second-Look® Recycled Technology and contains 20% recycled content.  The wall protection is certified to NSF/ANSI 342, is low VOC and meets California 01350 for low-emitting materials.  VersaGuard has a long life cycle even in extreme applications and maintains a clean, attractive appearance for many years.  

“VersaGuard is a breakthrough product for specifiers looking for a durable, cleanable and affordable wall surface,” said Beth Rich, Versa Marketing Director. “Options were previously limited to Type II wallcovering that did not always perform and rigid panels that are costly and only available in 4’x8’ sheet. And VersaGuard is an attractive wall finish available in beautiful designs and custom patterns and colors.”