Designing sustainable practices.

Versa Designed Surfaces was one of the first companies to adopt water-based inks and to make its entire product line low VOC.

In 2006, the global manufacturer invented the first recycling technology for post-consumer content wallcovering. Second-Look has won six awards from the A&D community. 

It was the mid-1990s when Versa Designed Surfaces CEO Phil Tarullo began searching for ways to improve Versa Designed Surfaces’ environmental footprint, and to model that example for the wallcovering industry.
Water and energy reduction remains a key focus for the company, as it applies to NSF342. As customers are asking for more product transparency, Versa Designed Surfaces products now have a Global EPD for most constructions and HPD for all products.

Sustainable Materials and Design

  • Phthalate-free and no heavy metals
  • Free of PBDE’s (Brominated Flame Retardants)
  • Contribute to Leed v4 Pilot Credit with NSF 342 Sustainability Standard
  • Products certified to NSF 342 Sustainability Standard for Wallcoverings
  • Low VOC meets CA01350 and State of Washington 
  • Sourced with high quality and recycled raw materials
  • Uses recycled water based inks, and recycled manufacturing waste for all products
  • Aggressive manufacturing materials recovery and reuse program
  • Meets or exceeds all international performance, quality and sustainability standards
  • Global Environmental Product Declaration available for most Type II vinyl wallcovering products
  • Supports Leed v4.1 criteria with HPD
  • Health Product Declarations available for ALL products manufactured by Versa Designed Surfaces

Sustainability Around Manufacturing

Versa Designed Surfaces continues to be an industry leader in sustainable practices.

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