Versa-Ecofibre – A Partnership in Sustainability

Project Overview

PVC-Free Wallcovering + Hemp ink pigment

Australia’s hemp giant Ecofibre teamed with Versa® Wallcovering’s research & development department to create a custom PVC-Free wallcovering for its new 50,000 square foot LEED Platinum U.S. headquarters in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Eduard Grueninger, the Project Manager and lead specifier for the materials and furnishings selected in the new Ecofibre headquarters, revealed that many of the furnishings used in the building including seating, flooring, workstations, and Versa’s PVC-Free wallcovering contain chemistries manufactured by Ecofibre.

The black background in the wallcovering design is made with a specially formulated ink containing Ecofibre’s HEMP BLACK™ pigment, an organic bio-based activated carbon black produced from the carbon rich stalk of the hemp plant. This HEMP BLACK™ pigment has been awarded a Platinum Level Material Health Certificate as Cradle to Cradle Certified™.

There is more to this wallcovering than meets the eye. In homage to Ecofibre’s core product, the black embossed background and distinctive white design in the wallcovering represent an enlarged image of the hemp hurd which is the tough woody inner core of the plant.

The notable health and environmental features of the PVC-Free wallcovering also exist behind the scenes. Along with the eco-friendly ink, the product is made from 20% recycled content and is free of toxic flame retardants, heavy metals and antimicrobials. The product is Prop 65 compliant and comes with a Health Product Declaration (HPD) to provide material content transparency.

Grueninger noted, “This project had unique challenges that required partnering with companies who could innovate with our products quickly, deliver a leading-edge commercial quality product and meet their goal of opening a LEED Platinum building.”

The wallcovering installation helped achieve that goal by focusing on the intersection of sustainable materials and advanced manufacturing methods to produce a truly earth-friendly finish.

PVC-Free wall covering from Versa® Wallcovering is a novel technical development in commercial wall covering that provides the user choice without compromise by offering the same look, feel and performance of luxury commercial Type II vinyl wallcovering.